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General meeting of the association (BzH)

Saturday, March 28. 2015

9:00 – ca. 17:00

Schulhaus Gönhard

Weltistrasse 12

5000 Aarau (Canton Aargau)


This annual membership meeting is open to everyone.  Details to follow.

Contact info@STOP-SPAM.homeschool.ch .  Program starts with coffee and networking at 9:00 followed by the regular program at 9:30.  Everyone brings their own picnic lunch and then the official membership meeting part is in the afternoon.

Education and Sports Day

National meeting of the Home School Association of Switzerland.  In the morning, students have the opportunity to show off what they learned or created through a presentation or table top display.  In the afternoon there are games and sports.


First Saturday in September

ca. 9:00 – 17:00


Aarau AG


Postal adress: Bildung zu Hause Schweiz | CH-3000 Bern | info@STOP-SPAM.homeschool.ch