Cantonal associations

In 2015, two cantonal associations associated with BzH (GE, VD) were created*.

Their aim is:

"to promote the freedom of parents to take responsibility for the education of their children in the way that seems to them the most appropriate, and to help them in this task."

As education laws are fixed at the cantonal level, it is useful and necessary to create cantonal entities that are able to build relationships with the authorities, and intervene when necessary.

Other actions and resources are more logically shared at the federal level, so the members of these cantonal associations are also automatically members of BzH.

*Three other cantonal associations (JU, VS, NE) are independent.

In March 2017, a new association was founded:

Verein Bildung zu Hause Kanton Luzern
Präsidentin: Vreny Spichtig
Richenseestrasse 5
6294 Ermensee