Homeschool Association of Switzerland - Canton Aargau

In the canton of Aargau there is a compulsory registration for homeschooling. The general conditions are described on the website of the Canton of Aargau.
If you want to start, you have to report this to the local school administration with a simple letter, whereby stating reasons is helpful, but not mandatory. You then receive an agreement which regulates the details and which should only be signed if you agree with all aspects.

Association's purpose

The association Bildung zu Hause Aargau was founded in 2019 in order to strengthen the networking of the homeschooling families in the canton of Aargau. The purpose of the association is defined in the statutes as follows:

  • The association is committed to the natural joy and enthusiasm for learning.
  • The association connects parents who want to take responsibility for their children's education themselves.
  • The association is committed to diversity and freedom of choice in education.
  • All parents should be able to choose the form of education that best suits them and their children.


All members of the association Education at Home Switzerland with residence in the canton of Aargau are automatically also members of the Aargauer Kantonalverein. For this reason it is easiest to join BzH Switzerland directly


President: Markus Müller
Oberdorfstrasse 2
5621 Zufikon