Homeschool Switzerland - Canton Vaud


Freedom : in terms of homeschooling, the canton of Vaud has one of the most liberal systems in Switzerland, although it is still far from the freedoms of other countries.

Where to start : You must inform the school management in your municipality of the withdrawal of your child from school (or that they will not be going, if they are at the age to start school). If it is during the school year, it is smart to agree together on the best way to proceed with this withdrawal, but it is not a legal obligation.

Inspections : There is a dedicated team of "Educational Advisors" in Lausanne who visit homeschooling families once or twice a year. The form of the visits vary, but the aim is to ensure that the child does not stray too far from the academic level of state school. Homeschooled children are also called every two years to take the ECR (Cantonal Reference Tests) at the same time, and with, the pupils in state school.

What you should know : The cantonal authorities are planning to revise the Private Education law, which contains the articles relating to home schooling. A collective of representatives of homeschooling is working to ensure that this law is fair and beneficial for the families concerned.

Cantonal association

The cantonal association Homeschool Vaud was born from the desire of a group of parents to defend the freedom not to send their children to school and to take full responsibility for their education. It represents its members, and the interests of all homeschooling families in the canton, before the authorities.  

The action of the association is expressed by 4 verbs:

  • Inform the public, families, the media, the authorities about what homeschooling really is.
  • Welcome new homeschooling families and connect them to others.
  • Support our members
  • Defend the rights of homeschooling parents and families.

Our association is still young, so everything is still under construction. We want to be able to offer our members more and more in different fields, especially as concerns better information and resources for homeschooling. For now, here is what you will receive when you become a member:

  • access to the list of IEL-Vaud members, with their addresses and telephone number
  • regular information emails with news of what is happening in the Vaud homeschooling world
  • three annual meetings of Homeschool-Vaud member families; these moments are an opportunity for children and parents to meet, discuss and share
  • voting rights at the annual general meeting, provided you have been homeschooling for at least one year
  • the opportunity to get involved in the association and contribute to its growth and development
  • automatic affiliation to Homeschool Switzerland (the Swiss umbrella association) and registration on their email list.

At the end of 2020, the association had 160 member families, representing approximately 350 children of compulsory school age.

The FEEL & l'Ecolibre homeschooling centers are also members.

If you have any questions, or would like to know how to become a member, send us an email: vd[at]