Application for Membership

Joining the Homeschool Association of Switzerland is a positive step towards supporting home education as a valuable alternative. Members are the core of our organization and form its goals. Members encourage and help one another in taking responsibility for the education of their children.

Membership in the Homeschool Association of Switzerland costs only 50 CHF per year and is as simple as filling out a form and sending it to us.

If you live in cantons Vaud or Geneva, you should contact the cantonal associations directly.

Send this form by E‐Mail to: or by Regular Post to: Bildung zu Hause Schweiz, Sekretariat, CH‐3000 Bern
Swiss Post bank account number: PC 87‐187768‐8


Alternatively you can fill-in our online form below (*=required).

Application for Membership

Application for Membership

(One vote per member, min. 1 per family.
Annual Fee per member CHF 50.00)
Wenn ein anerkannter kantonaler Verein von BzH existiert, werden die Angaben in diesem Formular gemäss Statuten weitergegeben und man wird dort auch Mitglied (keine zusätzlichen Kosten). Wird dies nicht gewünscht, muss dies hier ausdrücklich ausgewählt werden.
Please make a few comments about your family and yourself. Your comments are optional and can include the reasons you teach your children at home, how long you have taught them, your choice of learning materials, your education level, your family language and/or your experience with the school authorities.

Acceptance as a member of the Home School Association of Switzerland, "Bildung zu Hause Schweiz", will be confirmed in writing by the board. *After receiving your confirmation, please pay the membership fee. First time members, please pay for the first 2 years in advance, then yearly after that. After receipt of your payment, you will receive news and further information for members. If your membership fee is not paid during the year, your membership will end automatically. (Association statutes Pt. 4).

If are interested in supporting the organization with your time, please contact us: info[at]

Swiss Post bank account number: PC 87-187768-8